Indoor Greenhouse Project


Our vision for Canada is… to be part of making sure we learn more about and continue to support a greener Canada.

The Grade 7 Students created indoor greenhouse plans to build 6 different greenhouse models for indoor gardens for classrooms within the school. Students work on the planning, designing and building through collaboration. They built their successful models with the HWDSB transitions technology trailer where they used power tools and were able to construct their projects. They then worked with Grade 1 students to plant a variety of fruits and vegetables to grow in the greenhouses once they were complete. It was great to see students put their learning into real like and collaboratively create something that will benefit the school community for years to come.


Each student had to design a greenhouse following mathematical dimensions laid out in the math unit. Once the designs were complete students led the process to decide how to choose the 6 student designs to be built. Once the designs were chosen the students then put themselves into construction teams and developed and design jobs for each team member based on skills and interest: architect, project manager, media and construction.

Once the collaborative build was completed the Grade 7’s then worked with a Grade 1 class to plan and plant the greenhouse plants. Leadership was present within the individual teams and working with the Grade 1 students.

Reflection & Celebration

We had many students and classes come out and watch the building process. Finished greenhouses will be dispersed throughout the school so classes can enjoy growing their own food all year long. Our classes have already been thinking about how to add on and build more green legacy projects for the school community.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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