Indoor Grow Station


Our vision is to expand our outdoor gardens by growing our own plants from seed. Our focus has been on growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs. We are always looking for ways to expand our gardens at school in order to support our bee hives. It is our responsibility to ensure our bees have access to enough pollen and nectar to thrive. This project also allowed us to reflect on our own access to food and how it is produced for us.


We set up a grow station in our classroom. This allowed us to start our seedlings during the winter months and have plants that would be ready to transplant outside when the weather allowed. We look forward to continuing the project next year when we can use seeds that we collect ourselves from our gardens at school.

Reflection & Celebration

Having the grow station in our classroom has been a great learning experience for all of us. We faced some challenges and had to do a lot of research to overcome them. We had to learn how much supplemental lights plants want during their different stages of development and how much water too.

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