Karen Kain’s Eco-Friendly Washrooms


Our Action Team attended LSF’s Youth Leadership Forum. We learned more about sustainability topics and skills such as composting, invasive species, bees, water, and national parks. This made us interested in pursuing an Action Project about the issues of reducing water usage and water conservation. This is important to us as we need to do our part in reducing water.


To fix these issues, some actions we could take are installing 2 water barrels in our front schoolyard which will supply watering for our pollinating gardens this summer. We have researched and shared information about water conservation and water pollution with our school community through Earth Day activities, Backyard Clean-Up, Me2We Walk for Water Campaign and writing a petition to stop Nestlé water bottling in Wellington, Ontario.

Reflection & Celebration

We received funding to purchase 2 water barrels. Although we hoped to reduce water usage in our school washrooms, we understand that that would involve many levels of our school administration. We are proud of all the research and sharing we have done this year about learning of how important healthy water is to us all. We can all make a difference!

6. Clean Water and Sanitation
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