Leading Our Community Towards Net Zero


The “Leading Our Community Towards Net Zero” project is focused on converting the Village of Myrnam’s CTEC facility into a net zero electrical energy building. Led by students who have completed a forensic energy audit, the project aims to reduce energy consumption by installing a ground-mounted solar array and making energy efficiency improvements. The project has received approval from the Village council, and the students have secured funding from grants and local organizations. The installation of the solar array will involve planning, construction, and commissioning, and the project’s success will be evaluated through ongoing monitoring and maintenance. The project demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability and provides insights into the challenges and opportunities of implementing renewable energy solutions in a rural community.


In the fall of 2023, two ground mounted, seasonal adjustable grid tied solar arrays were installed with a capacity of 17.4 KW DC. We had an existing 5.3 KW roof mounted grid tied array on the CTEC building. With all the solar arrays and continual changes being done to reduce the electricity consumption, we will achieve net zero!

Reflection & Celebration

We want to be more environmentally sustainable and help our community!

Check out our project page and media coverage in this link: https://www.newmyrnamschool.ca/a-for-energy-grant-projects

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8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
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