Leading Our Community Towards Net Zero


Our vision is to transform our community use facility, the Career Training Education Centre (CTEC) into a net zero facilty.


This project focuses on reducing Myrnam’s carbon footprint. Junior high students started with a forensic energy audit of the Village of Myrnam’s CTEC facility, discovering that an enormous amount of energy can be saved with modifications to the building’s HVAC system. They presented their findings to the Village of Myrnam Council in November 2022. The second phase involves adding onto the 6KW grid tied solar array that we installed in a previous project.

Reflection & Celebration

In the forensic energy audit, students became very acquainted with all the systems in the building that use energy. It is much easier to conserve energy to produce it. The changes to the HVAC system are ongoing. This fall we will be adding onto the existing solar grid tied array to get the building closer to net zero from an electricity perspective. This will ensure sustainability of our community use building not only from an environmental but from an economic perspective as well.


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