Living Wall


After the LSF conference, our students were excited to put one of their many awesome ideas into action. They decided on creating a living wall for the front entrance of our school. Students hoped that through this project that they would be able to increase the air quality of our space, educate others on the importance of sustainability, and add beauty and nature back into our urban world.


Despite the barriers of COVID, our students have made great progress on the living wall. After a great deal of research and prototyping we currently have one “picture frame” style living wall section built. Students are currently doing research on the best types of plants to put into this section of the living wall and are considering things such as including native species, cost effectiveness and ease of care in their planning. Students are also getting training with a local business and maker space called North Forge, in order to improve their carpentry skills to create a larger and more complex section for our living wall. We are excited to see this project through the completion and are grateful for the support, ideas and funds we received to complete our action project!

3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
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