LOMI Food Waste Reduction at Quigley


Our school goal is to become a zero food waste school. We own one LOMI and with the purchase of two more LOMIs we are able to get all of our classes involved in composting food waste.


Our grade threes spearheaded our LOMI movement. They collected food waste from a grade one class, measuring and separating recyclables, garbage and food waste. They then taught the grade one class about composting, and how to use our LOMI. The grade threes repeated their measurements after teaching the grade one students. As part of math class, they graphed their findings, posited ideas around why the changes occurred, and what might be confounding food waste (things like hot lunch day) on certain days.
They then made posters to train the rest of the classes, and will present during a school assembly. Every day, the grade threes collect the jugs of food waste from each class, and load the LOMIs. They are also responsible for working the resulting LOMI fertilizer into our school garden beds.

Reflection & Celebration

Our grade threes have had an amazing year on this journey of environmental citizenry. Twice we have featured our LOMI project in the school newspaper. They are celebrating in their classes at the end of June. To further their learning, they are going to Helen Acres (a community farm) to learn about composting and the life cycles of plants. They will increase their understainding of biodiversity in the Okanagan. When there is enough LOMI compost, they hope to have each studnet take some home for use in their own gardens. As we go forward, more classes will be involved in feeding and servicing the LOMIs.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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