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Our vision for Canada is a sustainable future where individuals make small changes within their communities for the betterment of all. Our project included fixing up a memorial garden that had become an eye-sore. In fixing it, we hope to make it not only aesthetically-pleasing and practical, but also to create a habitat for butterflies and bees, both of which are essential to our agricultural community.


We are taking an outdoor sitting area at the high-school that has become a bit of an eye-sore and transforming the area around it into a sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing butterfly/bee garden. We will be removing the crushed rock and re-purposing it in another project, as well as pruning and removing the pre-existing hedges. We will reseed the area and fix the existing benches. Our shops program will construct raised flower planters and place them in the area. Our computer’s class will design and install informative tiles throughout the garden on the importance of bees and butterflies to our ecosystem. We will be planting butterfly and bee friendly flowers once the weather permits for all to enjoy.
PLEASE NOTE: Our project is not completed yet. Our submitted photo is a before-photo of our project. Stay tuned for the after-photo.

Reflection & Celebration

Our project is still in progress, but so far it has taught us a lot about hard-work and dedication to a cause. We will update you when it is complete.

Please note that our uploaded photo is a “before” photo. We will send the “after” photo once the project is completed and the grass is grown in.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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