The Manitouwadge Community Fish Hatchery is a grassroots community organization working in association with the Manitouwadge High School Outdoor Education class to establish a micro-hatchery to raise larval (fry) and fingerling brook trout at Manitouwadge High School for release in locally stocked brook trout lakes.

The purpose of this project is to help students develop a relationship with fish and water in and around our community. Throughout the project, students will learn about waterways and aquatic habitats, fish physiology and life cycles, and participate in the rehabilitation of fisheries through the rearing and release of trout fry into locally stocked lakes. The student learning and engagement will work to instil a commitment to and respect for the local natural environment that will transform into a long-term positive relationship and responsibility toward the land in the future.


Our project is developing in several areas. We are working with the MNRF to have the appropriate permits in place to obtain, raise and release brook trout eggs and fry. Fundraising efforts continue, and we are getting closer to the total amount of capital required to purchase the micro-hatchery equipment.

The eggs for the micro-hatchery would be sourced from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) to ensure that released fish are a genetic match for the stocked lakes they will be released in. This micro-hatchery will provide students with the opportunity to participate in a unique and effective way to support local fisheries while gaining valuable skills and knowledge, fulfilling curricular expectations through a lens of stewardship and community responsibility.

Reflection & Celebration

The part of our project we are most proud of is the educational opportunities we are providing students. Thus far, the grade 11-12 students have been learning about fisheries and aquatic habitats through outdoor, experiential learning that introduced them to fish life cycles, habitat use, water quality, ice safety and rescue, and fishing techniques. The students then shared this knowledge by planning and facilitating an ice fishing day in March for the grade 1-2 class from Manitouwadge Public School (MNPS). The grade 11-12 students are currently learning canoeing skills to allow us access to lakes and rivers in spring to continue our learning, and will be planning another fishing day for the MNPS grade 3-4-5 classes near the end of June.


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