Montclair Outdoor Learning Classroom


Montclair has an outdoor learning commons right in the middle of our school, and it needed an update! Our project’s mission is to extend children’s learning outside, continue to foster children’s ability to be mindful, develop and learn about sustainable environments and explore ways we can honour the land. We added soil to a huge section of the courtyard and planted seeds, plants, and a tree that are indigenous to Ontario. We also had the students create bird feeders, painted rocks, and created wind chimes.


We are hoping to purchase gardening tools (e.g., rakes, spades, shovels), soil, mulch (to protect roots and assist with drainage), seedlings, plants, and grasses that are native to our area to grow, and a rain barrel to collect rainwater to reuse when watering our green area.

Students will help prep and cultivate the land, plant seeds and maintain the garden. They will also design and create things like bird feeders, painted rocks, and signs. Throughout the year grades will be assigned roles in helping to upkeep the commons area.

Reflection & Celebration

We are very excited about this project. Outdoor learning environments are important for encouraging healthy behaviors and improving the physical, educational and mental well-being of children and young people. They also connect children and young people to the natural world creating in them a sense of responsibility for sustaining their environment and fostering Environmental Awareness and Leadership. With the extra money, we could hopefully purchase some outdoor benches/tables for our students.


Check out more photos of our project here!

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8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
15. Life on Land
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