Native Wildflower Garden (renamed Pollinator Garden by our students)


To plant a pollinator garden on school grounds so students could feel empowered by helping pollinators survive.


40 students planted 47 plants and 3 packets of sunflower seeds. They learned a lot about bees and other pollinators and feel they have had a positive impact on nature.

Reflection & Celebration

Students had a lot of fun researching pollinators and planting their garden. It took us two sessions to plant and add mulch and they very much enjoyed popsicles each time. We just checked on our plants this morning and they’re thrilled that everything is looking healthy and some have started blooming.
We are using this experience as our year-end writing piece for assessment purposes as students were so engaged and learned so much. This type of experiential learning is very valuable.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
15. Life on Land
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