Net 0 by 2030


With this trailer, we hoped to educate our schoolmates, community, and citizens of Canada on the Climate Crisis and the possible effects that might ensue by the year 2030, if our actions don’t change. We were inspired to take action when it was revealed during COP 26 that Canada is warming twice as fast as any other country in the world. In addition, after conducting numerous surveys at Mount Royal Public School, we found that many students were unaware of the possible outcomes of their actions on our environment. Even the adults in our community didn’t know the great extent of the Climate crisis. Knowing this, we knew a change needed to be made by our generation.


The “Net 0 by 2030 trailer” is a project aimed at the Climate Crisis and the possible effects that might emerge by the year 2030. To take action, we created a trailer that signifies the importance of a lifestyle change. This trailer covers a variety of topics such as the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions and 2030 possibilities if our actions don’t change. We end with ways we can achieve Net 0 and hope to inspire students to take action and make a difference. During this project, we developed the mindset to create a lifestyle change and found easy, effective, and efficient ways that could be done at home. To spread this message beyond the students of Mount Royal Public School, parents and teens were given the option to attend an open house where the “Net 0 by 2030 trailer” was showcased. We know action needs to be taken if we want to enjoy a worry-free future. We will be following up with our schoolmates and the parent community in our neighborhood to see what actions they are committed to taking to make a difference in our future!

Reflection & Celebration

Throughout the process of creating this trailer, we’ve had many ups and downs, especially as we were working online, but we feel we created a really well-thought-out film. We have captured the intimidating mood we wanted. We were given the opportunity to work alongside amazing community members, students, teachers, and each other, leading to the realization of how much of an impact can be made if we work together. While spending months planning and working on this project, we were able to gain knowledge and insights into the Climate crisis and share experiences to last a lifetime. Lastly, we wanted to thank our school for providing us with the resources to complete this project and our teacher, Mrs. Girdharrie, for lending us a helping hand when needed.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
14. Life Below Water
15. Life on Land
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