No More Single Use Plastic


The students and staff at Deer Island Community School are taking a stand against single use plastic in our building. Our food service was using single use plastic and our students noticed that this was becoming a problem. Our school is taking the steps to help reduce the impact our learning environment has on the planet.


We have used the LSF grant to purchase reusable bowls and utensils for our students and staff to use. These are used both in the school and outside the school as we move more towards learning outdoors and our field trips.

Reflection & Celebration

This has been a welcomed addition to our goal of moving towards a better future for our students. The students see how important this is and that we are taking a stand against single use plastics in our school. These students see adults taking action and making changes in our learning environment and this will hopefully carry into their personal lives.

Here are a few words from our students:
“Thank you for the new bowls, they are way better than those other ones”
“We are helping the environment with these bowls and spoons”
“Now we can take these with us on field trips and for outdoor learning”

Here are a few words from our food service workers and Principal:
“This is so much better than having to buy bowls every month!”
“If it helps the environment, I don’t mind washing these.”
“The students saw an area that needed to change, and we are able to make that change happen”


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