No Time to Waste


Our vision for Canada is to make it an active participant in cleaning our planet, in raising awareness, and in finding sustainable solutions that will be in line with a healthy and respectful relationship with the environment and all its species. Our wish is to encourage and to be proactive in recyling, composting, as well as in reducing food waste and the use of individually-wrapped products and single-use plastic. We believe that we can play an active part on both informing and setting an example in a way that will benefit everyone in the short and long term, and provide us, as well as the people of tomorrow, with a safe and healthy home – our planet.


We want to reduce food waste considerably by putting in place an effective composting system in our school, by installing one collective bin in our cafeteria and smaller individual bins in every classroom throughout the school We are hoping that by getting this done, we can reduce trash waste by 75%. We also want to build a wooden container for organic composting in our schoolyard, where we can make compost that will be used in school-related gardening projects, or even community projects. We also wish to hold a litterless lunch day, where parents and students will be encouraged to prepare lunches that contain no single-use wrappings. In doing this, we wish to bring awareness to this issue by making posters throughout the school, by presenting our project, and by preparing video capsules about the importance of composting, recycling, and reducing food waste and single-use plastics. We wish to provide parents with recipe and lunchbox ideas that do not contain individual wrappings. Furthermore, we want to recycle newspapers to use in our classroom compost bins instead of using and buying bags that aresold for this purpose. We want to reduce paper waste in our school by encouraging the use of electronically sent memos, instead of paper sheets. To conclude, we truly wish and intend on raising awareness and educating students about food waste reduction, the importance of composting, how to compost properly, and most of all, on changing our habits, encouraging smaller lunches, decreasing the use of single-use plastics.

Reflection & Celebration

In our reflection, we wish to encourage a more positive and efficient approach to reducing waste. We believe that our efforts will influence others (students, parents, and community members) to being more aware of pollution and food waste issues.


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