Norman Johnston Gardening Program Builds New Raised Beds


Our vision for Canada is… for every person to have access to healthy, local foods that have been grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.


Youth at Norman Johnston have been actively involved in expanding our current school gardens. We used the funds from LSF’s EcoLeague Action Project Funding to purchase new lumber and soil to build new garden beds. Students took part in workshops based around garden bed building, vegetable planting and crop harvesting. We now have over 350 square feet of raised garden beds for students to plant and cultivate crops. These crops are harvested and used to prepare meals for students at the school, handed out to students in the school to bring home and use in their homes, as well as donated throughout the community. Students have been learning about food security and in turn, want to ensure that all people in our school community have access to healthy, local produce.

Reflection & Celebration

We have been so thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in this activity. Students have learned so much about environmental stewardship, food security, sustainability and crop cultivation. These garden beds will be planted in every spring and students of our school will be able to eat the most local, healthy produce for years to come.


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