Peachland Clean Up


Our students wanted to make their community a cleaner place to live. They wanted to be respectful of the animals and humans in their community and keep things clean. The ideas and goals of making Peachland a better place to live resulted in regular community clean ups with the tools purchased with the LSF grant. The grant kept the students safe in their clean-up efforts. We wanted students to see and understand that they can make a difference and that all acts, no matter how small, help the world be a better place.


Students saw that the adults in their school listened and wrote this grant to purchase the tools they needed to clean-up the community safely. The also had the local government listen to their concerns and take action. We now have a garbage can on the street leading up to the school when we typically find a lot of litter to pick up. Local online news sources published articles about our student initiative. The students also wrote letters to the Peachland council. Students learned peaceful ways to have their voice heard and action taken.

Reflection & Celebration

Students were surprised and impressed with the actions taken by the adults in our community. We were all satisfied that we can make a difference with our perseverance, voice and actions. The leadership of the grade 3 and 4 students have inspired others in our school community to get out into the community and do clean-ups.


Check out this article about our initiative here!

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