PJ Gillen School – Outdoor Learning Classroom


Our school has recently developed an outdoor learning space that extends outside the walls of our regular classroom. This space was designed with mental health and creating a calming environment in mind. Curricular connection was also a priority. Various trees, including fruit trees, vegetables, shrubs, grasses, etc are an important part of this vision. Students will be taught how to care for these items and harvest from them as well. Our community will be encouraged to be a part of this space also.


Our students and staff took part in planting trees, shrubs, plants, fruits, vegetables, and grasses to include in our outdoor learning classroom. Our goal was to include a mixture of native plants and non-native plants, as well as plants that can be harvested by our students as well as our community members. Students, along with staff, planted various items and will care for these items and harvest them annually.

Reflection & Celebration

Our students and staff are extremely excited to add this additional piece to our outdoor learning space. The addition of greenery and fruits has added an extra sense of excitement for our students especially. They are eager to look after our newest addition and look forward to harvesting fruits and vegetables in the future. We are proud of the work our students have done and the thought that went into the project.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
15. Life on Land
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