Planting up for Everyone!


Our vision is to educate students on the effects of climate change and how they can directly impact this through the simple act of planting vegetables and composting.


Our primary students are directly involved with the planting and care of our 3 new vegetable garden. This will also involve our community members as their parents will help us look after this garden throughout the summer months. In one of our Kindergarten classes we are composting using a worm vermicomposting bin. This will also aid us in our garden growing. We have planted carrots, peas, cabbage, lettuce, basil, kale, dill, green onion and zucchini.

Reflection & Celebration

We will reap the benefits of our actions in the Fall when we return to school. We will harvest our vegetables and enjoy them either cooked where possible and a salad. Norma Jones (coordinator), and I will send in our story to our local newspaper, our education news letter and on Twitter.


Check out this video we took while we were having fun planting!

3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
13. Climate Action
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