Plastic Reduction Project


To grow awareness around the use of plastic and how small action items like turning down one straw will lead to significant impacts on plastic reduction. Students want to share what they have learned after researching and learning about a Canadian Photographer Benjamin Von Wong. The message that small acts add up to big change needs to be infused into our community events and ways of life.


We repurposed bulletin board space to house an awareness campaign about different ways students can reduce their use of plastic and lessen their output of greenhouse gasses. We then took to the school video announcements each week as we unveiled each of the new bulletin board permanent display areas. We used artwork and videos from Benjamin Von Wong a Canadian born artist that the students were inspired by after seeing one of his works mentioned in the youth forum workshop. The students were amazed by his simple messages and wanted to share his inspired messages with the entire student body. These displays will continue to inspire students for years to come.

Reflection & Celebration

The Von Wong videos are very well done and send powerful messages so when shared with our student body they were not ignored. I had students from my soccer team and classroom teachers noticing our bulletin board updates because of the video message. The students in my class were proud to tell their other teachers that they worked on and created this project which is big for high school students.


Check out this video of our school’s morning announcements featuring our project!

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