Pollination and Outdoor Education


Our ongoing Action Project (begun in mid-February) involves transforming our school grounds into a more inviting area for both pollinators and outdoor learning. Our grade 7 class began by creating a survey for all students and staff in our middle school to collect data on useage of the courtyard as an outdoor learning classroom as well as attitudes related to outdoor learning. After collating and organizing the data, we found that despite a high degree of interest from both staff and students in using the courtyard, less than half of the school had actually visited the courtyard as of Feb/2022. We wanted to improve engagement with outdoor learning while also creating habitat for pollinators.


The project plan involved creating more seating outdoors, planting pollinator plants and creating a small 3 Sisters’ Garden. An artistic mural (80% completed at the time of this report) showing local pollinator insects and plants will be placed in one of the gardens near the entrance to the school. Pollinator plants, grown from seed under grow lamps in the classroom, were planted. Six muskoka chairs were assembled and given a protective coating of exterior paint and students are currently engaged in sketching designs to be painted on the chairs. The completed chairs will be placed in the courtyard.
Students were initally inspired to take on this project because they enjoyed using the courtyard classroom themselves and would like to see other classes get to enjoy it as well. Further into the project, as they each researched different local pollinating insects and plants, students were inspired to take action to help these amazing creatures by creating native habitat on the school grounds. When the signage and gardens are completed, these will serve to further educate and hopefully inspire others to take action to protect local pollinators. The class learned about the various threats pollinators face, including climate change and loss of habitat and gave a slideshow presentation to the class on their researched pollinator and plant. We plan to share these presentations on a website created for the project.
Before the end of this school year, students plan to lead an activity (related to what they learned during this project) in the courtyard for other classes in the school.

Reflection & Celebration

When the project is completed in June, we plan to hold a celebration and open house in the courtyard. Students involved in the project will play host to other school classes and lead a courtyard activity.

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