Pollinators and Oxygenators


In an effort to increase the population and lifespan of pollinating insects, as well as reduce carbon and increase oxygen in our atmosphere, the students from the Make a Difference Club (grades 8-12) researched and purchased seeds/flowers/herbs that grow well in our local environment and attract pollinating insects.


The students purchased seeds from a local distributor, planted the seeds in small greenhouse boxes and had the Kindergarten to grade 12 classes water and take care of them. When the seeds became seedlings, the Make a Difference Club planted them along with larger plants/herbs in our school garden boxes and around the school yard with the elementary students’ help. We also purchased a tree to plant in our school yard, which will provide shade, reduce carbon, increase oxygen, and give shelter to our local birds and squirrel population. The students also learned about the names of pollinating insects in our Indigenous language classes, which teach the traditional Sylix language to grades 4 to 9 students.

Reflection & Celebration

The Make a Difference students absolutely loved the process of growing and planting the pollinator-attracting plants. They also enjoyed working with the whole school on growing plants from seeds and having the elementary students help with the outdoor planting. They recognized the value of this project, and how it not only helps beautify our school grounds but helps the community as a whole. The students celebrated with treats after the planting process and were recognized for their efforts.


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