Project H20


To collect the natural H20 that the earth gives us and use it in our gardens! In doing so, we also conserve potable water.


Our EcoClub chose to install eavestroughs and two rain barrels to collect rainwater. The rainwater collection was identified by our EcoClub as an important need during the planning process for our native/edible gardens and outdoor learning areas as one student said, “If we are planting all these gardens, how will we water them so that they can live?” and just like that the thoughts and ideas on how to make water available overflowed!

Reflection & Celebration

Our EcoClub did an amazing job identifying a need and finding a solution. They were fully involved in choosing locations for our two rain barrels and had no problem getting hands-on for the installation. We were given the go-ahead to attach fully functioning eavestroughs on our storage shed, which meet at a downspout, and run into the rain barrel. Our second rain barrel is awaiting board permission to connect to a building downspout, but the students did not let them stop them! They decided to run an eavestrough along a fence so that the rain barrel could still collect rainwater and serve its purpose. With our garden planting week coming up, we are now H20-ready! We are successfully conserving water and supporting our ecosystem. Way to go, Cobras!


Check out this blog post on our project!

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