Pura Aqua Five


Our vision is to raise awareness of fresh water and water conservation so that future generations will have enough water to survive.

Our main idea is to influence people to install rain barrels. We want people to install rain barrels because people usually use fresh water to wash their cars or water their gardens, especially now that spring has started. Having rain barrels installed at your house would be a great way to conserve water, so instead of using fresh water, you can use water from the rain. Rain barrels also reduce runoff and pollution and help the environment.


Our main action was to go to a local retirement home called Ste. Anne’s Court in Fredericton, New Brunswick and try to convince the people that work/live there to install rain barrels. We contacted the Activity Director at St. Anne’s Court, and we presented with a PowerPoint because they have a big garden there. One of the seniors that was in attendance is the owner of one of the biggest nurseries in New Brunswick. She was very pleased to hear us talking about how to conserve water. We donated the rain barrel to the residents, and they were thrilled to have it for their garden.

We raised awareness through posters which we posted all throughout our school. We have a total population of 637 students. One of our team members made a DIY rain barrel and made a video on how to do it so that other people could do the same. It is much more cost-effective to buy a garbage can at a local hardware store than to buy an actual rain barrel. We made one for under $80.00, and we want to show people how easy it is to do it at home.

Reflection & Celebration

We enjoyed presenting to our classmates and to the seniors at Ste. Anne’s Court. The residents were very appreciative, and they gave us positive feedback. One lady said, “I am a retired teacher and watching you young people gives me hope,” which made us feel good. We will continue to spread our message by inviting other classes to our presentations in June. Our school is having an open house evening on June 1st, and we will have our posterboard on display with the video of how to make a DIY rain barrel. We know we will reach an even larger audience during that evening.

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