Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!


Our vision for Canada is that people take the steps necessary to recycle properly and, in doing so, contribute to the shared responsibility of keeping our environment clean.


Our team attended LSF’s Youth Leadership Forum in Halifax in November. From the speakers and workshops, we learned about sustainability topics and skills such as recycling, which made us interested in pursuing Action Projects about the issue waste management. This is important to our school and our community because we care about the health of our environment. To fix these issues, some actions we could take are starting a recycling program at our school. But first we’ll need to talk to our director and learn more about recycling and how to do it properly and effectively. We hope that by the end of the school year, we will have implemented a recycling program.

Reflection & Celebration

Stay tuned for an update!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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