Red Pandas Deforestation Prevention Project


Our group’s vision is to help prevent deforestation in order to help save our planet. Our goal is to plant native tree seeds in and around our neighbourhood in order to support the environment and encourage others to do so as well. We also wish to raise awareness about deforestation, as well as its root causes and the negative effects it has on the environment (e.g. causing climate change, habitat loss, desertification etc.).


As mentioned previously, our group will soon be planting trees as a way to help the environment. We have also created a poster regarding deforestation which we will be printing and spreading across our neighbourhood so we can further raise awareness about deforestation. In addition, we have created a website about who we are, what we do, and what our goal is. On our website, we have provided information about deforestation, its root causes and effects, and how we can help to prevent it.


Here’s a link to our Red Pandas Website, where we have placed all information about our group, deforestation, how we can help prevent it etc.


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