Restoration of Inquiry Hub’s Garden


Our garden club wanted to create a space that would benefit and teach students as well as be enjoyed by members of the staff. We wanted to provide a learning opportunity for students to understand how their food is grown and as a bonus, prepare and eat the food grown in the garden! We also wanted to provide some locally grown crops for our food studies class. We felt that if we focused on perennials, herbs, and plants we could harvest seeds from, the garden would be sustainable from year to year and provide for future students.


Our club of 15 people, and many more volunteers, initiated an event to clean up the garden and plant vegetables. We had to take away an abundance of bramble and install two new garden beds that were purchased with the funding from LSF. Most of our plants were donated by Urban Roots and our community and were happily received. This allowed us to start up a vegetable garden and contemplative space which is proving to be quite liked among the community. We have already started using crops in our school’s food studies class and are planning to do much more in the future!

Reflection & Celebration

Our garden club is thankful to have had this opportunity to learn and share each others’ knowledge with the community. Special thanks to LSF, Urban Roots’ plant donations, Fresh Roots, and all who helped make this amazing opportunity possible! It is our hope that this garden will continue to benefit the school for years to come.


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