Rosedale’s Pollinator Garden


At Rosedale Elementary, our vision for the creation of a pollinator garden stemmed from a desire to cultivate environmental consciousness and stewardship within our school community. We envisioned a space where students across all grades could actively engage in hands-on learning experiences, discovering the significance of native plants and the indispensable role of pollinators in our ecosystem. Our goal was to foster a deeper understanding of environmental interconnectedness while instilling a sense of responsibility towards nurturing and preserving our local environment.


To realize our vision, students from grades 1 to 5 enthusiastically participated in educational activities focused on native plants and pollinators. Through practical involvement, they not only planted native pollinating plants but also gained insights into the symbiotic relationship between plants and pollinators. Our actions included the strategic incorporation of bird baths, native plants, an insect hotel, and bird feeders, all meticulously chosen to attract and support pollinators while ensuring compliance with school board policies on allergens. Kindergarteners were also actively involved, planting seeds in their classrooms, symbolizing the beginning of a journey towards environmental stewardship.

Reflection & Celebration

As we reflect on the journey of creating our pollinator garden, we celebrate the achievements and the profound impact it has had on our school community. Through experiential learning, students have developed a deeper appreciation for the natural world around them and have embraced their roles as stewards of the environment. Moving forward, we celebrate the ongoing commitment of our students to monitor the garden’s growth and eagerly anticipate the transfer of seeds by kindergarteners into the garden bed. Together, we rejoice in the lasting legacy of our project, knowing that it will continue to inspire future generations to cherish and protect our precious natural resources.

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