St. Benedict C.S.S. School Vegetable Garden


St. Benedict School Garden is envisioned to be a student learning center that makes connections to food security and sustainability. By maintaining the garden and using it for curriculum enhancements along with supplying our hospitality program with vegetation we are involving students in a real time cycle sustainable living activity. We connect to community by supplying the local food bank with summer crops for their kitchens along with meals during the fall and late spring for food bank families.


By providing us with soil, equipment and plants, the LSF has allowed us the opportunity to build new garden plots, support an irrigation system and to introduce new vegetable plants to the program.

Reflection & Celebration

Post Covid, the revival of our vegetable gardens has been an invigorating process for both the staff and the students. The clean up, organization and reestablishing of a growth system has taught us that if we take care of the Earth, the Earth in turn will take care of us. Furthermore, we took note of perennial plants and how they survived, even after regular care was not available. This gave us hope. Hope for our community and for the success of our school garden.


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