Sustainable Indoor Gardening


Sustainable healthy food choices can be difficult for children and families to obtain in our area. As we are a fairly small community, there is much demand, and very little supply to our local food bank. We offer a wonderful breakfast program to our students that is supported by parent and teacher volunteers, as well as a lunch bag program, all of which is supported through donations. This said, fresh fruit and vegetable choices remain a challenge. Our vision was to build an indoor garden to grow vegetables that could compliment our breakfast and lunch program. Given that we already have vermiworm composting, we figured we’d have excellent soil!


We used our funding to purchase grow lights and ‘hard goods’ (e.g. trowels, watering cans, plant trays). A local retailer then donated the seeds and soil.

Then, once purchased, a variety of students participated in the assembly, planting, transplanting, and upkeep of the garden. We are now in the period of waiting for our plants to start to flower and grow food! Can’t wait to begin harvesting!

2. Zero Hunger
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