Sustainable Schools Project


Our Grade 7 Class prepared sustainable schools proposals in order to address needs within our school community. The biggest need we addressed was the need for beverage recycling containers, primarily because paper recycling was often being ruined in classrooms. Many students were unaware that their juice box or pop can could contaminate an entire bin of paper from being properly recycled. Another need we addressed was the need to clean up around our community. We thought by doing a community garbage walk, we would not only be benefiting the area around our school, but also enriching our own physical and mental health by spending time outdoors.


We contacted Recycle Everywhere and were able to get a beverage recycling container for every classroom, as well as common areas. The Grade 7s will be collecting the beverage recycling and a teacher will take it to the Pan Am Recycle centre. The grant money will go towards supplies, such as recyclable bags.
As well, the grant money will go towards safety equipment for our garbage pick up walks, specifically reflective vests, garbage grabbers and strong trash bags. The walks will take place throughout different classes and will happen once a week.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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