Tree Planting


The College Churchill Eco-Club has been working on initiatives to enhance Sustainability and Climate Action Projects around the school and community. This past year, the Eco-Club took part in a Tree Planting Event in the community. We teamed up with the Million Trees Challenge in the city and planted over 200 years around the community.
The Eco-Club has continued its work of enhancing sustainability in the school by making sure blue bins are used effectively in all classrooms and in the hallways. We have been emptying out the bins on a weekly basis and we’ve even starting composting in the foods rooms and hopefully in the cafeteria in the near future. Our ongoing work being done has awarded us Eco-School designation with Eco-Schools Canada, which is a non-profit national organization that supports environmental leadership and climate action in schools.


We tried to continue our sustainability in and around the school. We had a few different initiatives and projects around the school. Firstly, we tried to focus on mask recycling this year. We got in contact with Terra-cycle and managed to get 2 mask recycling boxes for the school. This was very beneficial in keeping masks out of the trash and left around the community. Another thing we tried to do was build on our composting program in the school. We were able to purchase compost bins for both foods rooms and the cafeteria. We got a good system in place of emptying out the bins once a week and putting them in the outdoor compost bin. Our goal for next year will be to start up a school garden to use the composting. That, or connect with the community garden to see if we can team up with them. Finally, this year we were able to connect with the city to help with the 1 million tree initiative. We were able to plant over 100 trees in the community to help beautify the area and help with the reforestation of the tree canopy in the city. We really wanted to be a part of this initiative and to build on that for next year and be able to plant more trees around the school and community.

Reflection & Celebration

It was another successful year for Sustainability in our school. We enhanced our composting program in the school by putting new bins in both foods rooms. Next year we hope to add one in the cafeteria as well. Our goal for next year as well will be to use the composting to help with a community garden. For this year, we were able to get the composting off and running. We also had a very successful day of Tree Planting in the community. It was a lot of fun getting that many trees planted in one day. We hope to do more next year as well. We were also successful in recycling 1000s of disposable masks and to keep them out of our landfills. We still have a lot of work to do around the school but we hope to continue to build on our successes from the previous year.

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