Vermicomposting at St. Mary’s CSS


All of our school’s organic waste currently goes into the landfill. Our school’s environmental club would like to divert some of this waste using a method that is practical. After doing some research, we realized worms were the perfect solution. A vermi-(worm) composter is very easy to take care, and also teaches students about ecology and food chains.


We ordered a vermicomposter from Cathy’s Crawly Composters. We set it up in a science classroom, but once the worms got going, we’ve been able to accept organic waste from all across the school including:

a) Students’ Lunches
b) The Breakfast Program
c) Cooking classes
d) Science Labs

The worms are able to compost about 3 pounds of organic waste a week, so that’s how much waste we’ve been able to divert from landfills!

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