Water in the Peel Region


After interviewing students at our school, we discovered many had no idea where their drinking water comes from. Using this data, we decided to create a documentary as our Action project. This documentary will show the journey of our drinking water from Lake Ontario all the way to our homes. It will include how it’s cleaned and made potable for drinking, how it gets to our homes and we will end with ways to conserve it. Our wish is that this documentary will spark action in the community to keep our water supply healthy and safe.


In our documentary, we mainly focused on educating our schoolmates and community on this valuable resource: Water. Firstly we did an online survey with our school’s student body. From the results, we discovered students had a vague understanding of how water is supplied to us. We decided it was our duty to rectify this and to create a documentary detailing our drinking water journey from start to end. We feel it’s important to know where your water comes from because the people that help keep the operation going smoothly are often overlooked, as well as the bodies of water we take it from. Many people think water is infinite, and this is partly due to the fact that not many people get the chance to see the journey it takes to get to our homes. In fact, as mentioned in our video, Lake Ontario was proclaimed to be the most polluted of the great lakes but supplies water to over 9 million people. If more people knew their water came from Lake Ontario, they would protect it more. Therefore, if everyone who watches our documentary decides to be smarter about how they use their water they will appreciate Lake Ontario or whichever body of water supplies water to them. We are very hopeful that we will convince many of our viewers to be more careful about their water usage.
In the second part of this documentary, we displayed ways for protecting, saving, and conserving our drinking water. If we all take action, we can have safe drinking water for many years to come. Throughout Education Week, our documentary was displayed in the Library and through the daily announcements. This made an impact in our school for students, parents, and teachers to think of ways to take action to protect and save our drinking water.

Reflection & Celebration

We had lots of fun creating this documentary. We learned many things about our drinking water that we never knew. Working with WeVideo and collaborating with group members increased our knowledge of video editing and royalty-free images and videos! The memories from this project will stay with us forever.


Check out our documentary we made to learn all about how water from lake Ontario gets to our taps!

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