Worm Composting at PRHS


Science 8A brought worm composting to PRHS! Students were excited by the process as we learned more about waste in Learning for a Sustainable Future’s Atlantic Youth Forum webinar, Sort it Out: Managing Our Waste in Schools. At PRHS, products are often tossed into the wrong bin which means they then need to be thrown out as garbage.


Our action project involved us purchasing metal countertop organics bins for classrooms that didn’t have a green bin, two large worm compost containers, and 200 red wiggler worms! Science 8A completed a waste audit of the different areas of our school to see what was put in the wrong bin. They made posters that were placed around the school to show everyone where various waste should go, and they helped set up the big compost bins. They are excited to see the compost juice when it is ready and use it in our school greenhouse. This action project and grant supports sustainable climate change initiatives at the school by removing organics from the waste system.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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