Xavier Junior High Grade 7 Living Plant Wall


This school year our science class has focused on the theme of living sustainably. We have explored a number of topics relating to sustainable living, such as the impacts of humans and various industries on ecosystems, energy loss through food waste and consumption, how to reduce energy usage in our homes and every day lives, and how to live more sustainably as a society.

Often, students commented on how it feels to be outside, how plants and natural settings make them feel and the benefits of protecting our natural ecosystems. In one of our classroom discussions students discussed the benefits of plants on our daily lives. This then led to how having plants in our homes and gardens are beneficial. One of my students suggested that we should have more plants in schools and classrooms. The idea seemed to appeal to the other students. We then researched the impacts that plants can have on students and teachers in the classroom.

What did they discover? They learned that plants can improve air quality, concentration and memory. Plants also work well in reducing stress in classrooms. Research has linked indoor plants with increased productivity and reduced mental fatigue, all of which can be beneficial in the classroom environment. From this the students decided that they wanted to apply for this grant to build a living plant wall in our classroom.


As part of our project, we purchased 14 self watering plant hangers, indoor plant grow lights, indoor plants, potting soil, fertilizer and watering can and spray bottles. Students repotted the plants into the hanging pots that were then hung on our classroom wall in two locations. We are still waiting on our grow lights to be delivered to be installed soon.

Reflection & Celebration

This activity has added a level of excitement to the classroom. Students are proud of their project and contribution to the classroom. We have had students and teachers come to visit the room and they always comment on how inviting it makes the classroom feel. We are excited to reap some of the benefits of having plants in our classroom.

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4. Quality Education
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11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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