EBS Compost Champions


Foster the awareness that every little action matters. Students are learning an introduction to composting at school through a simple composting system. The school’s composting system is focusing on paper hand towels by diverting it out of regular garbage and into composting bins. By doing this little action, students are participating in a conscious effort to help the environment. The vision is to build this feeling and effort and create more environmental actions that become a part of the students daily lives while at school. Students will hopefully bring their learning and conscious efforts into households.


After an alarming waste audit result conducted by the cycle 3 students, action needed to take place. Students were discouraged at the sight of what was ending up in the school’s regular waste as well as how much waste was being produced on a daily basis. 40% of the collected waste was paper towels from hand washing or cleaning up spills. Students with the support of teachers made a connection on how to divert the paper towel out of the school’s garbage. The problem was that there wasn’t a compost system at the school and this was where the action took place. A group of dedicated students from cycle 3 and 2 signed up to take on the responsibility to educate the school on the newly developed composting system. Students also dedicate their lunch time to collect, sort and empty the compost bins every day. The team is called the EB Composting Champions.

Reflection & Celebration

The project will be celebrated with a Compost Champions team pizza lunch and, yes, the pizza boxes will be composted! The pizza lunch is a reward and token of gratitude for the compost champions continued responsibilities towards the project. Cycle 3 students will also receive credits towards their high school application.

A final waste audit will be done by Cycle 3 students to observe changes to the school’s regular garbage stream since the compost program has been initiated. The collected data will be communicated with the school and community as a reflection of the actions of the students.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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