Hydroponics- Feeding Our Students


The vision of our project was to grow and produce vegetables that could be used in our Breakfast and Snack Programs.

We also wanted to experiment with the two different types of grow systems and compare the growth of the plants.

Our future plans are to expand the hydroponics project so that it will provide more produce for more students in our school.

Teaching about locally grown, healthy food and reducing the carbon footprint is a criteria that needs to be expanded on in the coming years.


Aspen Heights MicroSociety purchased two hydroponics kits in lat December of 2015. Two different systems were purchased, an ebb and flow system and an air stone flow system. In January of 2016 the students were responsible for planting the hydroponics pots.Within a matter of a week the plants were growing and in mid February our first harvesting took place.

Lettuce, tomatoes, beans and peppers were planted in the kits.

As produce was harvested the students were responsible for re-planting the hydroponics pots.


2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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